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We help people prioritize and comply with Wellness science.


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Wellness RISK Management is a Wellness Service to help people help themselves with science-based Wellness Strategies. We are here to help you help yourself.


Our online Measurement Program gives us numbers so we can compare how well a person complies with Wellness science.

Our online Workshop Program helps people troubleshoot the problems life puts in our way on the roadway toward science-based Optimal Health Secrets in the Self-Help field.

Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies are things most people want to learn. We help with that.


 If a company, industry or organization has interest in helping their workforce

with an additional new Wellness Model, cost free to the company,

then continue reading please. 

 Why cost free to the company? Wellness is an individual, quite personal, issue. Responsibility lies with the individual.




For Companies, Industry and Businesses

Offering Intensity - Duration - Focus


Cognitive Flexibility is essentially about learning to learn and being able to be flexible about the way you learn.


Wellness RISK Management takes a look at many of the things science says a person should be doing to help themselves with Wellness, and also those things that include Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies. WRM then measures a person against that science standard. The results are 38 scores that tell the Wellness story about that person. That story is specifically about things a person can change for themselves.

These Wellness RISK scores are presented in a way that shows a profile about a person indicating what they should be working on next as a priority. The Wellness RISK Management profile is valuable to the person, and to various healthcare people working to improve the health of that person. Wellness RISK Management was developed out of clinical practice and a good deal of science that is becoming more and more in the common knowledge field. Also, there is some of the more recent cutting edge science to consider.


To Company Management Teams

I am offering my services in a pilot project to identify the interest your company workers may have in learning self-help Wellness RISK Management strategies. We should say we are not offering diagnoses, or therapies to people. Rather, we are offering to help people help themselves. First we measure and then we deliver workshops. This often involves mind set re-alliance toward a focus on identified priorities. The Wellness RISK Management workshops are where the work begins.

We would be happy to meet with your management team to discuss our new Wellness model. We know quite a lot of businesses already have various Wellness strategies arranged for their workers. Our goal is not to replace any of those, but rather add to them with a new model to help people help themselves with Making Wellness a Priority.

 Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette, DC, MS



Wellness  is a complex topic that requires a mind set to go back to school to learn about Wellness RISK. The idea is for a person to take themselves back to their own Self-Help school to learn, and re-learn, Self-Help standards. We help people with those science-based standards. We prefer to do it in an easy going, non stressful way leaving a person options they can choose.



Wellness RISK Management is valuable, persuasive, organized and clear. One of our goals is to change the way people gain Wellness.

Without the concept of schooling, people tend to want passive care. That passive care is care where they do nothing while someone else does something for them or to them.

The passive mind-set does not work well with Wellness.


We are "Making Wellness A Priority".

A lot of people don't know what they don't know about Wellness and, a lot of people don't do what they do know.

We are here to correct that.


At Wellness RISK Management we leverage the healing power of human connection.


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Learn how to offer your management and workers Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies with Wellness RISK Management.

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