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Wellness Risk Measurement Cont'd.

Once we receive a person's name and address data we will check for research cohorts in their area. The measurement process will start when we find an appropriate place for their anonymous data. They will receive an emailed fillable PDF form. It is on that form where they will choose a secret code name and provide any new email address they might wish to use for receiving their WRM Progress Chart Scores. That form is where we set up the anonymous data.

People will fill out the PDF enrollment form and send it back to us by email. When we receive it we will initiate them into the research program. That just means we will select an appropriate research cohort and add their secret codename and email address to the database of that cohort. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT PLACE ANY REAL NAMES IN THOSE COHORTS.

Once initiated into the research program we will notify that person that it is okay to start the online measurement process. After about one hour from the time they submit the completed online form they will get 38 numbers back via an email attached pdf file, which will list their Wellness Risk score numbers.

The Progress Chart emailed to them lists their 38 numbers, indicates what most people get and indicates both their Red Flagged numbers and their Yellow Flagged numbers as priorities for them at this particular time. Now, they have their Wellness Risk Management (WRM) PROFILE. They will then need to MANAGE their risk. Managing Wellness Risk requires that they make some decisions. We help with those decisions in OPTIONAL workshops.

In the Five Pillar Wellness Risk Management workshops we will give people their personalized 35 page WRM Report of Findings (RoF) on that Wellness Risk measurement they took online at TheQ.ca. That report of findings will include an eight item WRM Action Plan. The action plan will list their immediate priorities.

In the workshop we will help people troubleshoot and complete all those priority items in their personalized WRM Action Plan. When they complete that plan we will supply them with a new set of action plan items for their next set of priorities, all based on the measurement program they took using the science on multidimensional Wellness.

The thing is, if people happen to have any of the five excessive consumption adaptions we have identified, then those adaptions may represent failure points within any Wellness Risk Management program, not just ours. Thus, these adaptions need to be considered. We have a form which is optional that people can fill out to assess those issues for themselves. It gives people the opportunity on their own, if they want it, to review their lifestyle for these factors for themselves in their own privacy.

Statistical Research
An inaugural research protocol covers the measurement process and two hours of workshop time. It’s a really good deal. However, people will have to purchase the Research Program on a special workshop-purchase.html web page at TheQ.ca. TheQ stands for The Questionnaire. Once they purchase the Research Program we will send them a Fillable PDF form that starts the process.

The WRM Inauguration Statistical Research Program offers the following FREE PERKS.

 1. A second inauguration workshop hour for free.
 2. A second, third, and fourth  inauguration questionnaire for free to judge progress. All at $9.95. A $39.80 CAD value.
 3. We also give a free Wellness Risk Management Report of Finding, a $54.95 CAD value.
 4. And further, we will throw in a free Contra-Indications form for Nutrition Supplements a $5.95 CAD, value.
 5. We'll offer further research program workshops at reduced fees.

The research program has some specific needs though, simply because it is a research program. We need to determine if there is already a research program that people can fit into based on where they live and/or work. We don’t wish to have people entered twice.

Once Payment for the Research Program is made, we need to know some real life data. This data is so we do not place people more than once in the program. When a codename is made it will cover all future measurements and workshops for that client. To place people into a Research cohort we will need the following.

 1. First Name
 2. Middle Initial
 3. Last Name
 4. Land Address
 5. Email Address This one may not be an anonymous address.
 6. Texting Phone Number if available, so we can contact people easily.
 7. Workplace name and address. A person may be able to inquire on this themselves.

We will ask a person for that data above in an email after they purchase the program. If either a person’s work, their health care provider(s) or their city already have a Research Cohort Number with us then we can use that cohort to install them as a new client.

This initial data above is real life data. It is used only to place a client into a Research Cohort where their anonymous statistics will be stored. Payment data is stored in a different place and is not linked with any of this data.

The client will need access to a computer with internet access. A cell phone can be used in a pinch but, we think it will take a long time to complete TheQ.ca questionnaire on a cell phone. We do not recommend the use of cell phones. A Personal Computer (PC) is our recommendation.

Once a suitable Cohort place to store the client’s anonymous research data is selected by us, then we send out a Fillable PDF form where the client THEN chooses a secret code name and provides a new anonymous email address, if they want to that is.

When we get that form back from the client, we then Install that secret codename (modified by us with an addition to ensure it is unique), onto our host computer database and then email the client that they can now go and take the measurement questionnaire by bypassing the normal online payment process.

This procedure allows us to lock up anonymous measurement data and allows us to collect multiple various research cohort statistics in an anonymous fashion.

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Special Note               

Wellness Risk Management is applied research at the science end of the scale.

Knowing Wellness isn't getting Wellness. Doing Wellness is applying the science. We show how that is done.

What Kind of Diseases Are Reduced with Wellness Risk Management?

All chronic diseases are reduced with multidimensional Wellness strategies because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies. Acute diseases are reduced, again because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies.

All organs and systems in the body benefit by reducing Wellness Risk. When the body moves toward optimal health by applying those optimal health secrets which science has discovered, then all parts of the body benefit. We live longer and happier due to less suffering from disease. We perform better at work, better at our recreation pursuits, and better at our interrelationship pursuits too.

Applying the rules laid out in our workshop workbooks and completing all action plan items indicated in the Wellness Risk Management Report of Findings is a ticket to better Health and better living.

It is not particularly easy to get there because we have to fight natural human tendencies that lead us toward disease and suffering.

Most people need help of one type or another. Delivering that help is what Wellness Risk Management is all about.