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Wellness RISK Management

People need Wellness help.
That’s the bottom line.

We measure multi dimensional Wellness and provide workshops for management and workers.


The goal in Wellness RISK
Management is all about
multidimensional Wellness
on five main levels.

  • Our take-home lesson is that Wellness is more than just physical fitness. 
  • How much more, good question? And, where are you on the Wellness RISK scale? 
  • We call the Wellness levels Dr. Ouellette’s Five Pillars of Optimal Health Secrets. 


Contact us to learn more about this new Self-Help Wellness measurement application program and no cost to business protocol.


We measure multi dimensional Wellness
and provide workshops for management and workers.

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Special Note               

Wellness RISK Management is applied research at the science end of the scale.

Knowing Wellness isn't getting Wellness. Doing Wellness is applying the science. We show how that is done.

What Kind of Diseases Are Reduced with Wellness RISK Management?

All chronic diseases are reduced with multidimensional Wellness strategies because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies. Acute diseases are reduced, again because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies.

All organs and systems in the body benefit by reducing Wellness RISK. When the body moves toward optimal health by applying those optimal health secrets which science has discovered, then all parts of the body benefit. We live longer and happier due to less suffering from disease. We perform better at work, better at our recreation pursuits, and better at our interrelationship pursuits too.

Applying the rules laid out in our workshop workbooks and completing all action plan items indicated in the Wellness RISK Management Report of Findings is a ticket to better Health and better living.

It is not particularly easy to get there because we have to fight natural human tendencies that lead us toward disease and suffering.

Most people need help of one type or another. Delivering that help is what Wellness RISK Management is all about.