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Health Care is in reality disease care aesthetically renamed. We are looking for Self-Help Wellness Care which is different. We have Wellness covered.

Steps to Review Our New Wellness Model

Before You Contact Us

Advice for companies and organisations reviewing our Wellness RISK Management (WRM) program. There are two ways a company can start-up offering WRM. Offer WRM as a recruitment perk or as a Wellness service to all workers. Contact us to explain those please.


 1. Review the four pages at: https://LifestyleHelp.ca

Review the ten pages


 3. Have a look at the first page at: https://WellnessRiskManagement.com
 4. Review the workshop purchase page at: https://theq.ca/workshop-purchase.html
 5. Keep in mind we are gathering research statistics on WRM. Statistics are anonymous and for the use of WRM.

We also have a set of pdf documents for those who prefer pdf documents. See the pdf Documents link in the top menu bar.


Dr. Ouellette’s recommendation to business-industry for evaluating Making Wellness a Priority through Wellness RISK Management (WRM).

Any company or business can follow these recommendations now and evaluate the three web sites that provide information on Wellness RISK Management.






We are happy to meet in person at this time with businesses and industries in the Mississauga and Guelph areas and discuss a presentation package.

We Recommend:

1. A company can appoint a few people to a Wellness RISK Management evaluation committee to evaluate a WRM presentation package that will be provided.
 2. If the evaluation committee would like to go ahead and initiate Wellness RISK Management then the committee should think about two or more research groupings to section the company into for statistical gathering purposes. Possibly a management cohort, a worker cohort and a support staff cohort.
3. The committee, or management, should then contact Wellness RISK Management and ask to enrol their business with those selected research statistical cohorts.
4. There is no fee to WRM to the business to enrol. Enrollment of the company and individual people are two separate enrollments.
 5. WRM will notify the business when enrollment is complete.
6. The business will agree to notify their management and workers by some agreed-upon process and time line, that Wellness RISK Management is now available in their company. We might suggest a monthly newsletter or notification.
7. The WRM presentation package will provide a poster template that the company can post on a bulletin board or a website.
 8. When the company has been given the go ahead by WRM then they notify their management and workers that Wellness RISK Management is now available.


The following link will forward you to WellnessRISK.com.




Special Note               

Wellness RISK Management is applied research at the science end of the scale.

Knowing Wellness isn't getting Wellness. Doing Wellness is applying the science. We show how that is done.

What Kind of Diseases Are Reduced with Wellness RISK Management?

All chronic diseases are reduced with multidimensional Wellness strategies because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies. Acute diseases are reduced, again because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies.

All organs and systems in the body benefit by reducing Wellness RISK. When the body moves toward optimal health by applying those optimal health secrets which science has discovered, then all parts of the body benefit. We live longer and happier due to less suffering from disease. We perform better at work, better at our recreation pursuits, and better at our interrelationship pursuits too.

Applying the rules laid out in our workshop workbooks and completing all action plan items indicated in the Wellness RISK Management Report of Findings is a ticket to better Health and better living.

It is not particularly easy to get there because we have to fight natural human tendencies that lead us toward disease and suffering.

Most people need help of one type or another. Delivering that help is what Wellness RISK Management is all about.