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Participant's Qualification Form

Help for Worker's Wellness,

A person wishing to be a Participant client must purchase a workshop before they send us this form below. See the Workshop-Purchase link located above the hands in the graphic above to purchase a WRM Self-Help Wellness Course. (The BETA Program is an exception. We walk a person through that exception.)

Copy this table and paste it into an email to WRM.

Participant's Qualification Form

Step TWO: This is a Template Pre-Fill for Form-3, PARTICIPANT WORKER ENROLLMENT

Participant Information
This information is for enrollment purposes and is not attached to any measurement data or measurement documents. It is used to track payments as well as ensure the client is assigned an anonymous codename and, it is to ensure people do not sign up more than once. The codename will not appear with this data that is in this green table. This green table data will be used to PRE-FILL the Enrollment Form-3 before we send it to the worker using the worker's email they place in item 4 in this form. The worker must have purchased a workshop already. (Except in the BETA Program.)

The Pre-Fill process is NOT a manual process by a human person. It is accomplished by computer algorithm based on this green form.

Please don't change data in these first two columns.


Add your data in this column below after you copy and paste the table onto an email to us. Please go to the Contact page to get the email address to send to.


This is your Column to add data when you are in your email program.

Do not use this column in this web page here. Do not copy this form into some other program like Google. Do not use Google Workspace. Google tracks everything you do. We do not want that.

Please follow the instructions.

See above.

If you are very unsure about computers or the Internet then get someone to help you.

Contact us if you are confused.

 1. First Name 1.:-
 2. Middle Initial no period 2.:-  
 3. Last Name 3.:-  

 4. Your Email

You cannot leave the email address item blank. (This email address must be a unique address and NOT a common one used by other people in a household or a company.) If you do not have a unique email address then you can find a company online that provides anonymous email addresses for people. 


 5. Text Phone number

 6. Your Company Name 

(Must be the same as what the company enrolled with.) (No Hyphens are allowed in names please.)


 7. Your work Address

(Must be the same as what the company enrolled with.) (No Hyphens are allowed in addresses please.)

 8. Your job description  (Department, Shift etc.) 8.:-  

 9. Your Age:

(Must be 18 or older as of today.)


 10. If you know the ResNumber of the research cohort you will be in then please enter it here.

You CANNOT leave item #10 blank.

If you do not know the ResNumber then please contact WRM to learn which group you will be placed in. The ResNumber stands for Research Number of a cohort. It is composed of the three letters 'Res' followed by a numeric number, followed by a set of Alpha letters. Res1a for instance. A company gets this ResNumber when they enrol.


 11. Has the Workshop payment been made? If not, then before sending in this form please go and purchase at https://theq.ca/workshop-purchase.html#purchase.

A cross-check is made so please follow instructions.



Contact us. 

We are here to help a person manage their Wellness.

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Special Note               

Wellness RISK Management is applied research at the science end of the scale.

Knowing Wellness isn't getting Wellness. Doing Wellness is applying the science. We show how that is done.

What Kind of Diseases Are Reduced with Wellness RISK Management?

All chronic diseases are reduced with multidimensional Wellness strategies because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies. Acute diseases are reduced, again because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies.

All organs and systems in the body benefit by reducing Wellness RISK. When the body moves toward optimal health by applying those optimal health secrets which science has discovered, then all parts of the body benefit. We live longer and happier due to less suffering from disease. We perform better at work, better at our recreation pursuits, and better at our interrelationship pursuits too.

Applying the rules laid out in our workshop workbooks and completing all action plan items indicated in the Wellness RISK Management Report of Findings is a ticket to better Health and better living.

It is not particularly easy to get there because we have to fight natural human tendencies that lead us toward disease and suffering.

Most people need help of one type or another. Delivering that help is what Wellness RISK Management is all about.