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Wellness as a Self-Help Protocol

We are looking for people who are interested in investing time in themselves to help themselves with natural Wellness and Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies.

What does helping yourself entail?

The online measurement process produces an eight item Wellness RISK Management Action Plan of relatively easy to do science-based self-help actions. Performing those actions is how you help yourself by following the science. Those actions will be customized to your specific needs.

WRM Self-Help Wellness Courses are designed to help people get into a regular lifestyle routine with regard to those actions.


If you are one of those people interested in helping yourself then we will show you how, starting with our thorough, comprehensive, anonymous, online measurement process.

The documents produced from that measurement process will explain to you where you are at in the science-based Wellness continuum, and how you will need to proceed in order to build more Wellness within yourself.

That is not all though. As you probably know, achieving improved Wellness most often requires help from experts in the Wellness field. We can provide that help in Wellness RISK Management Workshop WRM Self-Help Wellness Courses that will give you both one-on-one help and group help if you need them both. You will see that our process is a multi phase process.



Getting Started

The Wellness RISK Management inauguration will focus on the community’s workforce to initiate Wellness RISK Management in the public.


If you are not in the workforce we have a protocol that can help you too.

Contact us and we will show you how to get started and get on the Roadway to Optimal Health Secrets.


Making Wellness a Priority

Creating Value for Society

Helping Business Manage Wellness

Learning Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies

Teaching Evidence Based Wellness



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Wellness RISK Management is applied research at the science end of the scale.

Knowing Wellness isn't getting Wellness. Doing Wellness is applying the science. We show how that is done.

What Kind of Diseases Are Reduced with Wellness RISK Management?

All chronic diseases are reduced with multidimensional Wellness strategies because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies. Acute diseases are reduced, again because of the multidimensional nature of those strategies.

All organs and systems in the body benefit by reducing Wellness RISK. When the body moves toward optimal health by applying those optimal health secrets which science has discovered, then all parts of the body benefit. We live longer and happier due to less suffering from disease. We perform better at work, better at our recreation pursuits, and better at our interrelationship pursuits too.

Applying the rules laid out in our workshop workbooks and completing all action plan items indicated in the Wellness RISK Management Report of Findings is a ticket to better Health and better living.

It is not particularly easy to get there because we have to fight natural human tendencies that lead us toward disease and suffering.

Most people need help of one type or another. Delivering that help is what Wellness RISK Management is all about.